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Stay Connected to the MSC Residents

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Many mission volunteers have expressed that the best part of their experience with MSC is the relationships that they were able to create with residents. We know how memorable and important these friendships are to you and the residents! The residents are without the company and care of mission volunteers and they are missing you. Luckily, visiting them is not the only way you can stay connected with your friends at MSC. Here are a few different ways you can maintain your friendships with the MSC residents.

Send a Video Message

We love posting photos and videos of residents so that you get to see how they are doing but they would love to see videos of you as well! Take a video of yourself or your team sending a message to anyone at MSC.  Direct your video to a specific resident or staff member, or just a general video to everyone at MSC. To share your video, post it in the MSC volunteer Facebook group, or message us on Instagram or Facebook with information about who you’d like to receive it. If you are not active on social media, you can email your video to social@mustardseed.com. We will forward the video on to the resident. 

Share a Mission Moment

Stay connected to MSC by keeping your precious mission memories alive and inspiring others to do the same! Many mission volunteers make special and meaningful bonds when they travel to an MSC location. If you have a story, photo, or video that you think captures the essence of being a MSC volunteer or that means a lot to you, share it with us here. We may post your reflection to our website and also share it on our social media! Not only is this a great way for you to personally stay connected to MSC but it also inspires others to reflect on the relationships and experiences that they’ve had.

Send a Letter

A great way to show a resident or anyone at MSC that you are thinking of them is by sending them mail! While physical mail, like cards and letters are not expedient at this time, you can send an email to any resident at Mustard Seed Communities Jamaica. An administrator will then print it, put it in an envelope, and ensure that it gets to the resident it is intended for.   Residents love getting your messages and it means a great deal to them! Send your email to Jamaica.missions@mustardseed.com and make sure to include the name and Apostolate of the resident you are addressing! 

Pray for Them 

Our last suggestion for staying connected to the MSC residents is to keep them in your prayers. This may be the simplest but one of the most important ways you can support Mustard Seed and our residents right now. This is a very difficult time for all of us and the residents of MSC are in need of all the support they can get. Submit a prayer request through MSC here

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