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A Reason to Celebrate

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Brothers Beki, Dalmas, and Richard after taking their vows

The St. Andrew’s House of Formation was officially opened at Jacob’s Ladder in May 2019. This community can accommodate 12 Brothers who will participate in Spiritual, Human, Intellectual and Pastoral formation, in the discernment process to become Deacons and Priests.

On September 8th, the Feast of the Nativity of Mary, Mustard Seed Communities celebrated its annual Feast Day. This year during Mass there was an extra cause for joy as two candidates, having completed their Novitiate, professed their First Promises as Mustard Seed Missionaries.

Brother Richard (from Jamaica) and Brother Dalmas (from Kenya) officially became members of the Mustard Seed Missionaries, an Association of Diocesean Rite in the Archdiocese of Kingston, Jamaica. Currently, there are four Brothers living in community at the St. Andrew’s House of Formation and studying for the Priesthood. We are expecting two new candidates by the end of this year. To learn more about the Brothers, including Brother Dalmas and Brother Richard, click here.

The success of our Formation Program is vital to sustaining the spiritual wellbeing of the children, staff and volunteers of Mustard Seed Communities’ mission throughout the world. Thank you to all our benefactors who have supported this program. Please continue to pray for our Brothers and for vocations.

Msgr. Gregory giving a MSC Cross to Br. Richard


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