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Preparing for Building Season at Jacob’s Ladder

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Jacob's Ladder Graded Land

Saturday, October 19th is the 12th anniversary of the opening of Jacob’s Ladder in Jamaica. When Jacob’s Ladder opened there were 6 residents. Today, 101 adults with disabilities reside there.  

Located on 150 acres of mined out bauxite land, Jacob’s Ladder is the only facility in Jamaica that provides a home to adults with disabilities where they can live out the full extent of their lives in dignity. Mustard Seed Communities focuses on developing each individual to their full potential and provides therapeutic activities, education, and recreational opportunities for all residents. The vision is to provide homes to 400 individuals when it is completed.

Mission volunteers are an integral part of making this vision become a reality. Mission Program volunteers experience living and working among disabled residents while contributing to the development of the community through work projects.  

We are actively preparing for the 2020 building season at Jacob’s Ladder which will begin in January. Nine mission teams will stay at the apostolate and work on building the next village.

Five acres of land are in the final stages of being graded for the villages of Ephesus, the next to be built, and village "F"! The process was very challenging and included cutting, filling, and compacting the land. Recent rain delayed the progress but it should be complete in the next few days. The foundations of 4 cottages, a kitchen, laundry, and common room will be poured in the coming weeks.

In Damascus, final touches of painting, tiling and landscaping are being completed. The village will be ready to be occupied by residents within the next month.

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