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The process of fundraising on a personal level for your mission trip can be made easy and enjoyable when you utilize the right strategies. Here are a few tips on how to successfully raise the funds you need for your trip. 

Spread Awareness 

People are more likely to donate to a cause that they know or care about. One of the first steps you should take with your personal fundraising is telling people about Mustard Seed Communities. Along with this, sharing your personal motivation for being a mission volunteer is a good way to encourage donations! 

Donate to Your Own Campaign

Consider making a donation to your own campaign to incentivize your donors. To get momentum going for your fundraiser, start off with a gift to your mission trip. Studies have gone to show that individuals who donate to their own campaigns raise more than those who do not.  If you’re able, consider matching each donation up to a certain amount to those who give.

Ask in a Way That’s Comfortable For You

If you’re more comfortable asking through an online medium, start there. Email is proven to be the most effective way of getting donations, so make sure that is one of your first steps in your fundraising. Try fundraising through social media posts. You can ask family members to dedicate holiday or birthday gifts for donations. 

Give Updates 

Creating a list of potential or past donors that you can reach out to and keep updated with your progress is a good way to cultivate donations. Start by creating a group of people who you think may be apt to donate and send out an informational email where you talk about your trip and how much you’re raising. From there, use this same list to ask for donations and send updates on your fundraising progress. This is an effective way to raise funds as people who have not donated yet will be reminded and those who have may be motivated to give again when they see how close you are to your goal. 

Have Fun With It 

Fundraising may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! Keep in mind that the money you are raising is helping Mustard Seed residents. Consider fundraising in a meaningful way to challenge yourself. Try engaging friends and family in a way that will make them excited and motivated to donate. If you are excited, they will be too! 

We hope that these tips help you with your fundraising. Getting your friends and family involved with your mission will be rewarding and make your experience with MSC even more meaningful. Best of luck and thank you for your amazing efforts and support of Mustard Seed Communities! 

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