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Nordia's Nursing Ambition

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Mustard Seed Communities is staffed with amazing caregivers who demonstrate endless dedication and commitment to Mustard Seed. Nordia, a resident at Jerusalem!, one of our apostolates that is home to over 100 adults and children with disabilities, was inspired by the hard work of the caregivers and decided that she wanted to provide for her fellow residents as she has seen the caregivers do.

For over two years, she has been working with the rehabilitation program in the hopes of pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a trained nurse. She has expressed that becoming a nurse is something she has repeatedly prayed for throughout her life in her daily devotions. However, she has never had the opportunity to attend nursing school.

The team of staff at Jerusalem! saw Nordia’s passion and drive for this field of work and decided to provide her with a job as part of the rehabilitation department where she has gained experience in practical areas of nursing. After seeing her hard work, dedication, and discipline, the team at Jerusalem!  helped her dream come true by giving Nordia nurse uniforms, shoes, and a badge to wear to work every day. She is of great help, taking on tasks like helping to feed other residents. The rest of the team describes her as a proud young lady who wears her uniform with pride and honor.


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