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Mustard Seed Communities expands to Magobho

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A child in Magobho at the nutrition program

Our goal at Mustard Seed Communities is simple, to care for the most vulnerable among us. In Zimbabwe we live out that mission by providing residential care to abandoned children affected by HIV and those with disabilities, and by feeding wholesome meals to children who would otherwise go without. As you may know, the pandemic has caused conditions to worsen in Zimbabwe. Food has become scarce and the need has skyrocketed. 

Prior to the pandemic, volunteers and staff members of Mustard Seed Communities were feeding approximately 250 children a day. Now, across four sites in Bulawayo we are feeding 1000 children a day. 

Magobho, a poor rural farming village located in the district of Umguza, Zimbabwe, was recently identified as an area of extreme need. In that region, approximately 225 children do not receive a meal every day. We are grateful to announce that thanks to so many generous donors, we have been able to open up a nutrition program in Magobho making this the fifth nutrition program site across Zimbabwe. 

The Magobho site opened in January and on the first day fed 111 children. On the second day the program served 145 children a nutritious meal. Our goal is to operate this feeding program three days a week, and to expand it to five days a week later in the year.

We are so thankful to all of our supporters who have graciously stepped forward to impact the lives of those they may never meet. The African word Ubuntu means, "I am because of you." Ubuntu emphasizes the importance of community, family, friendship and sharing. Every action we take affects the lives of others and in return our lives are equally affected.  It is because of you that children in Zimbabwe are being fed.

Staff and Volunteers feeding children at Magobho Children at Magobho waiting on a meal at the nutrition program

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