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MSC Coronavirus Update

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Fr. Garvin

Thank you for prayers for the residents and staff who tested positive for the Coronavirus at Jerusalem!, our home in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Thank God they're now in the clear and integrated back into everyday life. At Jacob's Ladder, we had two cases and they too have recovered. We are so blessed by God's grace and mercy.

May God bless you and let us remember that He is Here.

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Greetings. I want to take this opportunity to thank you, our volunteers and benefactor and our supporters, for your tremendous support for Mustard Seed Communities for our children around the world. In spite of the challenges of this Corona pandemic, you have still been very generous in your care, you giving that looks after the needs of our children.

We have been affected in a couple of ways at Jerusalem!, there were some children and staff who were tested positive but thank God they're now in the clear and they're back integrated into the population. Here at Jacob's Ladder, we had two cases and they too have recovered. So we are blessed constantly by God's grace and mercy.

I know that it's difficult for everyone around the world at this time. But we mustn't lose hope.

I mean, as Christians, we believe that Christ is with us, through good times and bad times, through our joys and sorrows. And we have to acknowledge that he is constantly with us. I urge you to continue to remain connected with us to continue to reach out to our children, our residents, they miss you. And I know you miss them. And they continually ask, you know, when are the volunteers coming back and I just have to say soon. They'll be back soon.

It is really an interesting time. Because we are feeling almost sort of the absence the void created by your absence is really notable now.

But we know that this will change. All things come to an end. So we don't despair. We don't feel down and discouraged, but rather we continue to hold on to hope. That is Christ. I asked you to continue to pray for us as we pray for you. You know, this year is coming to an end and we don't see yet when we are going to resume our mission program in the next year or so we there's a lot of uncertainty going forward. But again, we trust in God's grace and mercy. And we trust you will continue to be our friends, our family, to be the support of our children. Thank you all and may God bless you and let us constantly remember that He is Here.

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