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Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

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Franklin Mission Team Fundraising

Fundraising can often feel like a troubling task as your mission trip approaches. However, there are ways to make it enjoyable and easy! A great way to start is to set up personal fundraising tools with our online portal. Here are some tips from an MSC mission volunteer about how to make the most out of your fundraising experience.

When I began the fundraising process for my first mission trip, I was nervous about the fact that I had to raise a large amount of money and was dreading the work. However, when I started brainstorming creative ideas with my team, we found a few ways to make a lot of money in a fun and easy way! Here are a few fun and creative ideas for how you can raise money for your mission trip!

Group Yard Sale

Compile items from all of your team members to sell in a group yard sale. You can also ask friends and family to donate any items that can be sold too!

Group Dog Walk

Advertise a group dog walk as a social event to meet people in your town or neighborhood. Find an open area where multiple people can walk their dogs throughout the day and socialize with other neighbors and dog lovers. Charge $10 for people to participate!

Car Wash

Get your team together and advertise a car wash around your town. Ask around town to see if a local business would be willing to let your team use their parking lot and hoses! Also, ask your local hardware stores to see if they would be willing to donate washing supplies.

Bake Sale

Another fun and simple way to raise money is getting together with your team and baking different items to sell to neighbors and friends! You could keep this option simple or make it unique such as a cake walk or pie sale!

Back Yard Game Tournament

Set up various backyard games such as cornhole, kan jam, frisbee golf, ladder ball, volleyball, and more! Charge a fee to participate in a tournament. Different members of your group can volunteer to run the tournament as scorekeepers and facilitators.

Used Book Sale

Collect books that you have already read or do not use and have a book sale.

Video Game or Board Game Tournament

Find a space (church or rec building) where multiple people can fit and set up a games tournament! Charge an entrance fee and invite members of the community to participate. Ask a local company or restaurant if they’ll donate prizes for winners.

Pot Luck Dinner

Cook meals as a team or have community members help and charge a fee at the door. This is a super easy way to raise money as well as host a social event and spread the word about your team and mission!

Battle of the Bands

Hold an event where people can compete with their musical talents! Charge an entry fee and sell tickets to an event where individuals or groups can perform and compete.


This classic form of fundraising can be super beneficial! One MSC team stood outside a store on the day of the Super Bowl and collected a lot of money. Make sure to contact your town to see where and when you could do this.

With the right strategies and ideas, fundraising can be an awesome experience! It is also helpful to keep in mind that the money you are raising is going towards bettering the lives of people in need. I hope these ideas are helpful when brainstorming options with your team. Happy fundraising!

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