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Meet Susan A. Driscoll

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Susan Driscoll, Director of Mission Programs

MSC: What is your role at Mustard Seed Communities?

SD: Director of Mission Programs

MSC: What is your favorite thing about working at Mustard Seed?

SD: Knowing, in a small way, that I support the works of mercy happening in our countries.

MSC: What is one tip you like to give mission teams/building teams?

SD: Stay present and flexible.

MSC: Why do you work at Mustard Seed? What do you get from your time here?

SD: I love the residents! My work is a ministry whereby I am able to support the poor and disadvantaged.

MSC: Is there a resident who stands out in your mind? Please tell us about them.

SD: So many. Shanice at Jerusalem has a special place in my heart. She shares many of the same interests as my daughter—musical theater, poetry, and writing. She and I always have wonderful conversations.

MSC: How has Mustard Seed been a blessing in your life?

SD: There have been more blessings than tongue can tell. I am blessed to know so many holy priests who are serving the people of God. I have interactions with the volunteers, who are giving and loving in so many different ways. I have had so many wonderful, sad, happy, silly and poignant moments in my interactions with the residents—it has all been a blessing.

MSC: What are some hobbies/things you like doing outside of work?

SD: I'm an avid reader and knitter and I am happiest when at the beach or with my dog.

MSC: What are some small things that make your day better?

SD: When I get texts from mission staff with pictures of the residents and their activities. That never fails to lift my mood.


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