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Meet Mission Rep Marlon aka Bashy

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Bashy Mission Rep

MSC: What is your role at Mustard Seed Communities?

Bashy: I am a Junior Mission Rep. My role at Mustard Seed is to care and protect the mission volunteers, the kids, and the staff. When there is no mission, I fit in anywhere because I love to have something to do!

MSC: What is your favorite thing about working at Mustard Seed?

Bashy: I just love working here, it's a wonderful experience! My favorite thing about working here is I get to meet people from different backgrounds with different personalities.

MSC: What is one thing you’d like to tell the building teams?

Bashy: I would like to say to the building teams that they are good at what they do! They’re here to help by building a village for the kids. They are helping the less fortunate and that's a blessing.

MSC: Why do you work at Mustard Seed? What do you get from your time here?

Bashy: It is a lot of fun and there is a lot of laughter! The residents don't have anyone but us. We are their family. For me, I would say it is a blessing and I think God put me here for a reason.

MSC: Is there a resident who stands out in your mind? Please tell us about them.

Bashy: Don, he used to live at Jerusalem! but he transferred to Jacob’s Ladder. He is an entertainer. Although he can't speak, he can entertain with music. He knows how to hold a crowd!

MSC: What are some some small things that make your day better?

Bashy: Helping people with anything! I don't like to idle. I love to have something to do and in that way I am learning something. I love what I do.


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