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Meet Mission Rep Kevin

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MSC: What is your role at Mustard Seed Communities?

Kev: I am a Mission Representative Supervisor.

MSC: What is your favorite thing about working at Mustard Seed?

Kev: Everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission and the love for the residents and the staff.

MSC: What is one tip you like to give mission teams/building teams?

Kev: It's not just about working, it's about getting to know the residents, interacting, and spending time with them so at the end of the day, the memories will always be with you.

MSC: Why do you work at Mustard Seed? What do you get from your time here?

Kev: I love working with children and seeing the strength and perseverance the residents have despite their circumstances.

MSC: Is there a resident who stands out in your mind? Please tell us about them.

Kev: Peta Gay is a very motivated person. She always leads devotion, she knows all the residents and staff names, and she is very outspoken. Early in the morning, she will be the first waiting for the volunteers to tell them good morning.  Whenever she sees the Mustard Seed bus, she comes to see if I'm in it and always asks what I brought for her.

MSC: How has Mustard Seed been a blessing in your life?

Kev: My spirituality overall is a blessing. It makes me a better person and keeps me focused.

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