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Keemo's Inspiring Message

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Keemo always has a bright, smiling face. With a childhood of surgeries that led to him losing his ability to walk, understandably he wasn't always so positive. Now, he is an inspirational speaker and shares his story with the hope that his joyful spirit will help others.

He came to Mustard Seed's Dare to Care program, a home for children with HIV, after his mom passed away when he was 5-years-old. The displacement was hard at first but with the love of the caregivers and other children at the home, it was easier for him to settle in.

As a child growing up he wanted to be a soldier because of a desire to protect his nation. He was very active and enjoyed doing the fun things that other boys his age were doing until he was 13. He started experiencing excruciating joint pain and was having difficulty getting up after he sat down. He was not able to play soccer or lift heavy items. After a series of falls, he could no longer walk at the age of 14.

While he was bedridden he was very afraid of anyone touching, holding, or lifting him with the fear of having another bone broken. He would often ask the question “why me?” He reached a point where he started giving up on life and started to refuse his medication. However, he found strength from the positive people in his life, like his brothers at Mustard Seed's Matthew 25:40 home who love and care for him.

Now at age 24, Keemo shares his story at organizations in Jamaica. He hopes to be able to speak internationally and make an impact everywhere he goes. 

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