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It's good to be back!

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Vernard, resident at My Father's House

During the Coronavirus pandemic, not being able to visit the residents for whom Mustard Seed Communities cares was a challenge to all who love them. It was especially difficult for the residents who look forward to experiencing the world through the mission volunteers and who depend on the vital supplies that they used to bring on a weekly basis. 

Beginning in April, the two year pause in the mission volunteer program will come to an end and will resume at Mustard Seed Communities’ homes in Jamaica and Dominican Republic.

Joy, resident at Gift of HopeThe MSC USA staff and two board members visited MSC Jamaica last week to pilot the mission volunteer program and assess the Covid-19 protocols put in place to protect the residents, staff and volunteers. The team visited every apostolate and was greeted enthusiastically by the residents and staff. They shared their joy, excitement and love through their smiles and laughter. 

Throughout our visit, many of the MSC staff expressed their excitement to have mission volunteers return so that the work of Mustard Seed Communities can continue. In early April, Bob the Builder’s will return to Jacob’s Ladder to resume building and maintenance projects. At the end of the month, the wheelchair team will spend a week fitting residents to new wheelchairs and making adjustments to the wheelchairs of the children who have grown over the last two years. 

Christopher, resident at Blessed Assurance

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