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Holy Thursday 2021 - Jacob's Ladder

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Today's Gospel recounts the institution of the Eucharist when Jesus first gives Himself under the appearance of bread and wine. At the Last Supper, Jesus also washes the feet of His disciples, giving us the perfect example of humility and love. Even as Jesus approaches His Passion, His acts embody the life of service that we are called to imitate as His disciples.

Mustard Seed Communities' apostolates including Jacob's Ladder are contained homes where social distancing is not required.

At every Mass, after the consecration, we hear His words spoken at the Last Supper, "Do this in memory of me." It is not only a command to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass, but also a broader call to imitate the example of Jesus's sacrificial love and service.

Today, we at Mustard Seed Communities contemplate this message in a special way. We ask ourselves how we can do more to serve our brothers and sisters in imitation of Our Lord. We hope you will join us and pray that we be led to greater service in memory of Our crucified and Risen Lord.

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