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Growing in the Dominican Republic

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Over the last year Mustard Seed Communities Dominican Republic has been blessed many times over. Of all the gifts we been given, the most treasured are the children who live at Hogar Immanuel.

Ten children have become part of the MSC Dominican Republic family in the last year.

Mia is one of these children. She was abandoned weeks after she was born and came to Hogar Immanuel significantly underweight, diagnosed with severe malnutrition. 

At Hogar Immanuel, Mia’s nutrition program is monitored closely and provides her with high protein to develop muscle mass. She receives physical therapy every day and water therapy three times a week. Mia has gained weight and is building muscle mass.  She turned two in the middle of August.

In 2013, Hogar Immanuel provided a home to twenty children. Today, it is a home to forty-five children and a place where children with disabilities thrive. Thank you for making this possible.

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