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Solar at Hogar Immanuel

Mustard Seed Communities has an ongoing commitment to expanding the use of renewable energy at our apostolates. The addition of solar power at our homes reduces our dependency on local electric power which in many developing countries is both costly and unreliable.

Just this month at Jacob’s Ladder, we completed the transition to solar. In the past few weeks, it has been a good source of energy during the day.

Our home in Dominican Republic, Hogar Immanuel, moved to solar power in June of 2016. The electrical supply at Hogar Immanuel was so inconsistent, it was not uncommon to lose power for hours at a time. Today, solar energy provides close to 90% of our power and has significantly reduced the amount paid for electricity.

At MSC Zimbabwe’s headquarters in Woodville, a project to install solar power will begin in the next couple of weeks. This initiative is made possible by a generous donor from Ireland and the pro bono consultancy design and quality support from Irish solar power supplier, Phelan Energy. When completed, this will provide a predictable supply of energy to our homes, Little Angel’s pre-school, the Potter’s House Training Center, nutrition program, as well as our farm. We estimate that the installation of clean energy systems at Woodville will result in an annual energy savings of $25,000.

We are looking forward to the long-term benefits of adding solar power at our apostolates in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and Zimbabwe.

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