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Cooking something up at Jerusalem!

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Staffer in renovated kitchen at MSC Jerusalem

Mustard Seed Communities aims to uplift vulnerable members of society through the positive interaction of caring, sharing, and training. For the children and adults with disabilities for whom MSC cares, the caring, sharing, and training comes in many different forms. One of the ways we do this is through teaching life skills that can be applied directly in their daily lives. 

The residents recently took part in a culinary class. Suzette Dixon, the administrator of Jerusalem!, taught several residents how to bake. You can hear the excitement in their voices and see the smiles on their faces as they help Ms. Dixon pick out the correct ingredients. 

Thanks to a generous donor, we were able to completely renovate the kitchen at Jerusalem! where over 360 meals are prepared every day. By doing so, we are now able to prepare food more efficiently for the entire community. 

Jerusalem! (located in Spanish Town, Jamaica) is spread out over eight acres and is home to over 130 children and adults with disabilities. Jerusalem! also provides care to children affected by HIV, has a Little Angels Learning Center, and a farm which provides produce, eggs, fish and honey for the residents and local community.

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