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Capturing a moment at Mustard Seed Communities

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MSC staffer Colleen O'Hare with resident at Jerusalem in Jamaica

Colleen O’Hara joined Mustard Seed Communities as Associate Director of Volunteer Engagement in December of 2021. Colleen visited MSC in Jamaica for the first time along with the MSC USA team in late March and shares her thoughts about the experience.

“Over the past four months, I have had the wonderful opportunity to speak with many of our mission volunteers about their experiences with Mustard Seed. I have been continuously inspired and moved by your stories and dedication to our residents. Mustard Seed volunteers are some of the most committed and loyal people I have ever worked with. It wasn’t until meeting the residents, caregivers, and communities during this trip, however, that I truly understood why our volunteers are so passionate and faithful to this work.

One moment that really stayed with me from this trip was when I was visiting our classrooms in Jerusalem!. The kids were so excited to have visitors and proud of the work they were doing at school. One little boy, Derrick, who was unable to communicate and had little mobility, was trying to reach for something in his bag the whole time we were visiting. After his teacher helped him, he pulled out three pictures one by one from his backpack. He proudly showed me the pictures he carried with him in his bag which were of him and our volunteers with notes written to him on the back. Some of these pictures were taken years ago, but Derrick carries them with him every day.

This moment really made me understand the true importance of our volunteer program and your impact on our residents. They are always carrying you with them and I hope you are doing the same. As we welcome our first volunteers back after two years, I am so excited for our residents to make new memories with you.”

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