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Brandon’s Exciting Accomplishments

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Brandon with a Mission Volunteer in 2015

If you have traveled to Mustard Seed Communities, surely you have noticed that all of the residents have a unique story and accomplish something new each and every day. Brandon, a resident at My Father’s House in Jamaica, is no different. His story is one to be proud of, and we are excited to share it with you!

When he was four, Brandon was abandoned by his parents at a hospital with a fractured femur. Due to his developmental and physical needs, as well as being abandoned, the Children's Development Agency recommended that he be placed in a childcare facility that could best cater to his needs. He was then placed at My Father’s House when he was six years old and was a wonderful addition to our family. 

As a child, Brandon always showed promise in academics. He was first enrolled in the Little Angels Learning Center where he did very well. He then went on to The S.T.E.P. Center when he was ten years old. The S.T.E.P. Center seeks to advocate for children with disabilities and employs a multidisciplinary team, including teachers, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, to best serve their students. This type of education was perfect for Brandon, as he was a stand-out during his time there. After graduating from the S.T.E.P. Center, Brandon attended Genesis Academy for four years. Genesis Academy provides a high school education for children with both physical and mental disabilities. They provide individualized care, attention, and support for all of their students. Brandon received a well-rounded education there, as he learned about language arts, health, technology, sewing, and everything in between. 

Brandon’s performance at Genesis Academy was second to none. Each term, he excelled both inside and outside the classroom. He received countless certificates and trophies acknowledging his hard work, various subject achievements, and developed outstanding leadership qualities. Brandon’s final year at Genesis Academy was particularly exciting, as he earned the title and the duties of Deputy Head-Boy. 

‘Top Boy’ Brandon after his graduation from the Genesis Academy
‘Top Boy’ Brandon after his graduation from the Genesis Academy

Brandon graduated from Genesis Academy last month. At the graduation ceremony, he was granted the Top Boy of the Year award, which was a wonderful accomplishment. Brandon looks forward to life after graduating high school, as he wants to work in the IT field and learn more about technology. We are so proud of Brandon’s accomplishments and are confident that he has a bright future ahead of him! 

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