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Bob’s Builders are Back!

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After two years away, we are so excited that mission trips are back and building has begun again at Jacob’s Ladder! 

Bob’s Builders, led by Bob Lehrer and Tom Scheuerer, made great progress during their week with us.

Group photo of Bob's Builders mission volunteers standing in front of a bus at Jacob's Ladder

“It feels great to be back. We feel like when we come through the gates at Jacob’s Ladder that we’ve come home.” - Bob Lehrer

During their time at Jacob’s Ladder, they were able to replace the roof, repair electrical issues, and paint in Antioch. Additionally, the group added piping and drainage to the kitchen in Ephesus. Also thanks to the team, two swing sets are back in business, one with brand new hardware.

Bob's Builders mission volunteers replacing a roof at Jacob's Ladder

Most importantly, the team was greeted by excited residents who were eager to have our mission groups back after so long. Bob’s Builders put on a pancake breakfast for the residents, where no pancake was left uneaten. They also were able to take residents to the beach, play games together, and help put on a talent show at the end of the week.

Mission volunteer playing cards with four residents   Mission volunteer feeding a resident breakfast  

It was a wonderful week at Jacob’s Ladder and we look forward to more mission groups returning!

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