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Achieving Dreams through Training at Potter’s House in Zimbabwe

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Potter’s House has made a great impact on its community in Zimbabwe. Founded in 2009, Potter’s House has served as a second chance and sanctuary for many young people from Woodville and surrounding areas. The Woodville Community has many child-led households and relies on agriculture to survive. As a result, many young people struggle to provide for their families.

Mustard Seed's Potter's House program teaches young people a variety of life skills including baking, sewing, and entrepreneurship. Sister Martina who has been with Potter's House since its beginning in 2009, leads the training program. Through this sustainable development program they are able to teach life skills to a group of ten individuals every six months. Potter's House also provides young people with career opportunities once they complete the program by partnering with individuals and businesses in the community.

FaraiOne of those students is Farai. Farai learned how to bake various confectionery products and graduated in 2017. After graduation, she volunteered at Potter's House and assisted Sister Martina. Since then Farai has created her own baking business and sells her products throughout the community. Potter’s House enables Farai and countless other students with a life of independence and self-reliance.

Potter's House raises funds through various means including candle and detergent production and an on-site bakery. Candles are sold to most Bulawayo and surrounding Catholic churches. In the future, they plan to sell them to large supermarkets. In expanding their products, they would also like to expand the training program to be able to accommodate more young people. Several students that have graduated from Potters House have opened their own bakeries and businesses. With their training from Potter's House, they are able to provide for their families and achieve their dreams.

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