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9 Things I Bring on a Mission Trip

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Susan and Brandon

Over the years of traveling to Mustard Seed homes, here are a few items I never forget to bring on a mission trip.

  1. Foam earplugs - ​These are inexpensive and normally sold in bulk packages for sharing with your teammates. They're perfect for that crying baby on the flight, the snorer in the dorm, or the reggae music that is keeping you awake (Sophie’s Place!).
  2. Pedialyte powder packs - These come in little pouches that work perfect for a water bottle and are easy to carry.  Nothing is as good as staying hydrated in the first place but this will help with rehydration and is more effective than sport drinks, juices, or plain water. I always keep a few in my backpack.
  3. Reusable water bottle with a carabiner - Hydrate, so you won’t need that Pedialyte! I clip one to my bag and refill it at every opportunity so I am never without water.  
  4. Bug Spray wipes - I personally like the OFF! Deep Woods wipes which are easy to carry for a quick reapply while on the road. Mosquito repellant is a great defense against mosquito-borne illness.
  5. Head-to-Toe Baby cleansing cloths - Nope, not baby wipes, baby wipes on steroids.  The ones I buy are made by Johnson and Johnson and come in an easy to carry flat pack. These are super for a quick wash up when you have no time for a shower.  They are twice the size of a normal baby wipe and are great for washing up on the go.
  6. Small flashlight - A light is great for the nighttime foray to the bathroom and for reading without waking your bunkies.
  7. Ziploc bags - Bring some in a variety sizes. Endless uses!
  8. Disinfecting wipes - I prefer over sanitizer as I can actually get my hands clean and not just sanitized.
  9. Lightweight shawl or pashmina - This can be a blanket for the plane, an extra light layer at night, or can cover my shoulders in church.

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