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January 23, 2020

Dear Friend in Christ,

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? We often think of following Jesus as something that will bring us everything we need in this life; that Jesus will take away all of our troubles and we will live happily ever after.

This is only partly true. Yes, by following Jesus, He will give us the grace to face whatever happens in our lives. But we also need to remember that to be a follower of Jesus means that we will be faced with many challenges and difficulties as well—crosses we will need to take up in order to follow after Him.

We are meant to live happily ever after with Jesus but that will be in Heaven, not necessarily in this life. In the meantime, we are meant to follow Jesus' example of love and complete trust in the Father, so that we will received all that we need in order to carry our daily crosses.

Today, let us thank God for the opportunity to follow Jesus—in the good things we experience but also in our daily crosses and struggles. Thy will be done, Lord Jesus!

Have a blessed Thursday and please  send us your prayer intentions.

Very Reverend Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon
and the Mustard Seed Communities Family


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