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January 13, 2022

Do others know that you are a disciple of Christ? When you meet someone, do they recognize the light of Christ in you? Jesus says that the way others will know that we are His followers is by our love for each other. It is this love that we are called to share with each person we meet. Are you up to this challenge?

People can challenge us, frustrate us, or even make us angry, but it is each of those people that we are called to love. Today, let us try to love those who we find most difficult to love. If we can do this, we are true disciples of Jesus and our love will be returned to us in even greater measure.

Thank you Lord, for the opportunity to love those who challenge us the most!

Have a blessed Thursday and please send us your prayer intentions

Very Reverend Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon
and the Mustard Seed Communities Family

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