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April 11, 2019

Dear Friend in Christ,

Last month, I spoke to the St. Andrew Apostle parish as Lent was beginning. My message was about seeing Christ in the differences and the challenges. By seeing Christ, we embrace the cross, and we are given true freedom.

Please listen to the message here or read the transcript below.

Have a blessed Thursday and please  send us your prayer intentions.

Yours in Christ,

Father Garvin Augustine
Executive Director, Mustard Seed Communities International
& the Mustard Seed Communities Family



We all desire to be heard. We all desire to be comforted. We all desire to be loved. Each one of us. See Christ. Be Christ and see Christ.

Yesterday I shared the experience of being at the garbage dump in Africa, and that for me was a very powerful experience of seeing Christ in the garbage, seeing Christ among the flies and the filth and the pigs and the burning rubbish. Seeing Christ in all of those little children, with smiles on their faces. We have to long for that grace to see Christ. Go past the smoke and the filth. Go past the color of our skin.

Go past the gender, class, geographic location. Get past all the differences, and all the obstacles, and all the blindness. See Christ, see Christ. Lent is a good time to embrace the cross of Christ. By embracing the cross, we would cleanse ourselves, free ourselves, so that we can be Christ and see Christ. By embracing the cross, we can take all our suffering, all our sickness, all our pain, all our negativity, all our deep hurt past and present. Unite that to the cross of Christ who suffered and died once for all.

That's what he did. And he's inviting us. Give me everything. Strip ourselves of all of those baggage. Strip ourselves of everything that is preventing us from being Christ and seeing Christ. Offer that to Him. Embrace the cross which will give us freedom, true freedom.

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