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Mission & Vision

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Mission Statement

Inspired by the healing and caring Ministry of Jesus Christ, we aim through the positive interaction of caring, sharing and training, to uplift the most vulnerable members of society, especially children who are disabled and abandoned, and marginalized communities. We are committed to the fostering of homes and communities, which will lead us all to loving service and mutual respect and which will bring us joy, hope and dignity.

How We Serve

Mustard Seed Communities (MSC) is an international nonprofit dedicated to caring for the most vulnerable populations throughout the developing world. MSC began in 1978 as a home for a handful of children with disabilities who had been abandoned to the streets of Jamaica. Today, MSC provides loving and lifelong care to over 600 children and adults with disabilities, children affected by HIV, and young mothers in crisis across Jamaica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. MSC manages sustainable agriculture initiatives and provides education, nutrition, and skills training programs in order to improve the economic, social, and spiritual conditions within marginalized communities. For more details on our founding principles of Caring, Sharing, Training, and Spirituality, please visit Our Work

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