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40th Anniversary

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InfographicThis year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of Mustard Seed Communities by Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon. What started as a small home for children with disabilities in Kingston, Jamaica has grown into a community of caring around the world.

Presently, Mustard Seed provides residential care to over 600 children and adults with disabilities, children affected by HIV/AIDS, and teenage mothers in crisis as well as employment training, early childhood education, and nutrition programs to vulnerable communities.

Mustard Seed’s accomplishments over the past 40 years would not be possible without the community that has grown around us and lifted us up. Many hands have carried us forward. Whether you have served as a mission volunteer, planned an event, made a donation, or prayed for us, every action has an impact on MSC and our mission.

Thank you for being part of our community and the many ways you serve.


Very Reverend Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon
How has Mustard Seed grown?
How was Mustard Seed been a blessing to you?
Thank You
Claude Lee
Father Garvin Augustine

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