Volunteers have always been critical to the success of Mustard Seed Communities and they continue to play an important role as we work to sustain and develop the organization. They are a great way for Mustard Seed to bring on board new skills, abilities, experiences and points of view.

For you, it is an opportunity to lend your time, talents and treasures to help the least of our brethren (Luke 9:48). There are several ways that you can contribute to the efforts of Mustard Seed. Whether you give your time, money, prayer or miscellaneous household items; we gratefully accept it all!

Go on a Mission

Long-Term Missions

In the Office


To Speak for MSC

To Fill a Container

Go on a Mission

Getting involved in a mission trip is one way you can become involved. This is an amazing way to experience Mustard Seed Communities up close and to interact with the incredible children and staff of Mustard Seed.

What is a mission trip?

A mission-trip leader will coordinate all aspects and prepare each of the missionaries for the incredible experience. These trips are open to anyone and every faith denomination. In fact, the overwhelming majority of missionaries are those who have never tried anything like this before. Regardless of the level of experience, each person receives a tremendous gift of peace and fulfillment for having stepped outside their "comfort zone" and followed God's call.

We specifically serve the Mustard Seed ministries already established. Depending on the type of mission trip, the daily activities differ slightly. Whatever the project, you can be assured its rewarding because you're doing it solely for the benefit of those in need. Short term mission trips are generally 7 or 8 days in length. Read more about mission trips!

If you are not called to serve as a missionary, you can help by donating financial or material resources. All contributions are greatly appreciated and much needed. Please pray for us! More than anything else, we need your prayers!

Long-Term Missions

Want to spend more than just a week as a Mustard Seed missionary? Long term volunteer programs are now available in Jamaica. If you have skills needed by Mustard Seed and you are able to commit to a long-term mission opportunity, this option is available to you. Medium-term volunteers can serve for up to six months in Jamaica and long-term volunteers are invited to work with us for a year or more.

If you are interested in a medium or long-term volunteer opportunity, please contact Natalia Fong Kong at Natalia.Fong.Kong@mustardseed.com.

In the Office

The Mustard Seed Communities Office in Medfield, MA, is a busy place! We always have lots going on, from mailings to database projects, to website updates and other items. Not to mention we can always use in-kind professional services, including legal, computer, design, contracting and beyond. If you have an interest in volunteering in our Medfield Office please don’t hesitate to contact us at (508) 242 9622.


Events are a great way for Mustard Seed to both spread the word about our mission and raise funds.

Volunteer at an Event

Many hands make light work. There are several annual events that focus on raising funds for Mustard Seed. Our largest events take place in Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles and Massachusetts. These events are successful as a result of the tremendous volunteers that assist in putting them on. Volunteer opportunities range from the early stages of planning to event wrap up and everything in-between. Please check our calendar for more information about upcoming events.

Host an Event

Volunteering to host a friend-raising or fundraising event to benefit Mustard Seed Communities is a great way for our supporters to take their involvement to the next level. From planning a small dinner party, to hosting an auction or organizing a golf tournament - all events share our mission with a larger audience and help to raise funds for the care of our children.

Missionaries may find that hosting an event is a great way to raise funds as they prepare for their trip or as a way to continue to involve their supporters upon their return. Missionaries often come up with the most creative events from pancake breakfasts to city-wide scavenger hunts and more.

If you would like to host an event to benefit Mustard Seed Communities or to raise funds for your mission trip, please adhere to our Fundraising and Event Guidelines. Download the Mustard Seed Communities' Fundraising and Event Guidelines.

For information about volunteering at or hosting an event, please contact Lori Evans, Development Director, at  lori.evans@mustardseed.com.

To Speak for MSC

The reason that Mustard Seed Communities continues to grow both in the scope of children we care for and the number of missionaries that travel with us each year is simple. The news about Mustard Seed spreads. The reason that speaking about Mustard Seed is such a critical component of Mustard Seed is that the children of Mustard Seed need you. They need you to tell your story and theirs. They rely on you to be their voice, telling people about them and what you have seen or what you know about our programs.

The mission program has grown in leaps and bounds and the reason for that is that missionaries continue to talk about their experience and what it meant to them. This inspires and encourages other people to inquire about the program.

Please share your story and continue to make an impact on the lives of our children. Build an online fundraising page. Speak at your parish, school or in your local community about MSC.

Need someone to come and speak on behalf of Mustard Seed? Contact Lori Evans at lori.evans@mustardseed.com.

Download Mustard Seed Communities Fast Facts and Talking Points. 

To Fill a Container

Very little - almost nothing - goes to waste at Mustard Seed Communities. Containers are shipped filled with necessary items of goods to our various locations. Filling a container is a great way to build and encourage community involvement in your parish, school or neighborhood. When a container is received, great efforts are made to ensure that each and every item is put to use where it is needed most. The same will be true for the container and items you took the time and effort to so carefully pack and gather.

We remain in constant need of materials, medicines, computers, furnishings, clothing and building materials. If your company is capable of donating these materials, we can arrange complimentary shipping to the missionary locations. While we accept any quantity you offer, we can arrange for pickup from your facility for truckload sized donations. Mustard Seed has a great need to diapers. Visit our Give in Kind section for more information on our diaper partnership opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to do this back-breaking and time-consuming work. Every item received is one less item that we need to purchase, freeing up funds for medicines, food, to pay caregivers and the many other needs that cannot be donated in kind.

If you have in kind items that you would like to donate or if you have questions about shipping a container or about what items we need, please contact Lori Evans at lori.evans@mustardseed.com.

Read more about shipping a container.